6 most common signs you are not drinking enough water

The most refreshing thing in the world (especially in the summer) is an ice-cold glass of water. Every person in the world has experienced thousands of times in their life how satisfying drinking just one glass of water can be. However, the interesting thing is that, even though we are aware how important water is and that we are made mostly out of water, we still don’t drink enough water every day. By not drinking enough water every day, we damage our bodies permanently.

If you are not sure that you drink enough water, here are some common signs that your body needs more water:

  • Your mouth feels dry

This is probably the most obvious sign of all and we experience it as a sticky feeling in our moths and that is when we reach for some liquid. Experts say that when you feel that your mouth is dry, drinking some of the sugary beverages will not help you solve the problem – it might make it feel even worse. The best thing you can do is to drink at least one glass of water – which will continue keeping your mouth moist, long after you have drank it.

  • Your skin looks and feels dry

The largest organ in our bodies is the skin and it does not come as a surprise that it needs to be hydrated. One of the first signs of complete dehydration is the dry skin (of course, this can lead to much larger problems and health risks). When you don’t drink enough water, you deprive your body of sweat, which is crucial for cleaning skin of oil and dirt that has been accumulated throughout the day.

  • You are really thirsty

Along with dry mouth, thirst is another obvious sign that you need to drink water immediately. Any person that has ever experienced hangover can tell you that the first thing that their body needed in the morning is water – because alcohol dehydrates the entire body. Keep in mind that body sends us signals wherever it needs something – make sure to keep listening.

  • Your eyes are dry

Keep in mind that dehydration affects more than just your throat and your mouth. Insufficient water intake leads to dry eyes – because our tear ducts dry up. Even if you can’t cry, you must realize that this can really cause harm to your eyes (especially if you are one of those who are wearing contacts).

  • You notice decrease in muscle mass

Like everything in our bodies – muscles are also made out mostly out of water. This is why fitness experts recommend drinking water before, during and after workouts – it not only keeps your body hydrated, but it decreases risks of developing soreness.

  • You are sick longer

One of the benefits of drinking water regularly is that it helps our bodies flush out toxins. However, when you don’t drink enough water, your body is not capable of cleaning your body properly, which usually leads to a lot of problems.

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