6 most common excuses for missing a workout

Everyone misses a workout from time to time, even the most dedicated people decide to rest or spend time with their friends, instead going to the gym. But, what about those who tend to do that more often? Common excuses are that we had a lot work to do, in-laws were in town or our kids have made a mess. These excuses we tell to our fitness instructors and believe it or not, they hear a lot of excuses.

Thanks to one survey that targeted only fitness instructor, we know what are the most common excuses and while some are completely normal, there are one or two that are really surprising. Below is the list with common excuses, maybe you have heard them before:

1. I don’t know how to do that workout

More than common excuse, but it is not that good – first, you have a fitness trainer, every gym has one, so if you did not know how to do a certain workout, you should have just ask your trainer, since they are there to help you. Second, YouTube is full of videos that show almost every workout with details, so it is fairly easy to learn.

2. I don’t have the time

People who work or have kids usually have less time than unemployed or students, but, still this should not be excuse, since your health is in question. If you are having trouble finding time to workout, then you should think about improving your schedule or try to organize better.

3. I hate showering twice every day

Believe it or not, this excuse is among the most used – women have complained to their trainers that they hate that they have to shower in the morning, then once again after the workout. However, this should not stop you – you can think about showering as a time for you and you alone. On the other hand, if you would still like to avoid that second shower, you can always workout in the morning, before your shower.

4. I don’t have good genes

One more surprising excuse – bad genes! While there are some things that are easier for you and other that are more difficult, you should just think about how for someone else is the other way around. The best thing to do is to think about what your strengths and weaknesses are, so you can know what you should improve and work on and what does not require your attention.

5. I decided to have a drink instead

Not the best excuse, but it is something that fitness instructors hear a lot, especially from beginners. The advice for this situation is simple – instead of choosing wine when you were stressful, you should have a more intense workout than you usually have and you will get rid of all that negative energy.

6. I am not flexible

This excuse is often used by people who don’t want to do yoga. This is the excuse that yoga instructors hear really often. However, they say that in the beginning no one is prepared for the most complicate positions, that is why there are positions and workouts for beginners.

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