6 lies we tell ourselves about our weight

We all know how important is to be honest with ourselves, especially about our health and body. However, latest researches have shown that we tend to lie ourselves about what helps us lose weight and also what makes us gain weight. If you want to make some real progress, you will have to be honest to yourself, in order to be able to recognize all the challenges in front of you and to easily overcome them.

We have gathered some of the most common weight loss lies that we tell ourselves and written them in the list below:

Healthy food is expensive

We all have our priorities and spend money have we think it’s best and sometimes paying more for organic and healthy food is just not an option. However, experts say that when you buy healthy food you get more quality for your dollar. Plus – if you buy local foods instead of the food that was shipped from afar. By doing this you are going to easily save money and you will be able to afford healthy food.

Healthy food does not taste good

This is another lie that we tell ourselves. The truth is that people don’t even like to taste food that is labeled as “healthy”, on the other hand if it was advertised as a luxury item – we would be dying to try it. Furthermore, experts say that you should try around 10 times something before you determine whether you like it or not.

My jeans have shrunk in the wash

Some of your clothes can shrink after washing, but this is not usually true for all your clothes. This is a common lie, because, deep down inside we know that when we can’t wear our jeans (and we were able in the past), we have gained weight and that is something that can be difficult to acknowledge.

I worked out, so I can treat myself

Unfortunately, there is no exercises that can overcome a bad diet. This should put things in perspective: half-cup of a regular ice cream is around 230 calories and to burn that amount of calories you need to walk at a brisk pace for an hour. Sometimes that treat is just not worth it.

I can eat whatever I want on the weekend, because I have eaten healthy all week

Healthy diet during the workweek + a high-calorie diet during weekends is not a good recipe for weight loss. For example, if you eat 2,000 calories more during weekends, you increase your daily average for about 300 calories, which can cause a total gain of 20 pounds in less than 12 months.

Genetics are to blame

The last lie on this list is one of the most common – we are fat because some in our family is fat – mother, father, uncle or grandparents. While there have been some studies that were able to link genetics with being overweight, still your personal lifestyle and your choices are only to blame for having excess weight.

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