5 unusual signs of overtraining

The key to a healthy life is moderation – in everything. Moderation in diet, moderation in sleep and moderation in exercising. Today, we are going to discuss how moderation in exercising is important. Beginners usually think that more is better and instead of exercising 3-4 times a week (which is the usual recommended amount) they go to the gym every single day. This can be quite difficult for our bodies and usually it leads toward injuries.

However, there are different ways to overtrain and put your body through something it simply can’t endure. Furthermore, the problem can be that our body does not always send the same signals. If you already know the common signs of overtraining, we have prepared some, not-so-common signs that you are overtraining:

When you finish exercising, you are exhausted instead of energized

Every workout should give you energy boost and make you feel good. It is normal to feel tired, but if you are feeling that you could take a nap or you are tired after a workout, this might be a sign that you are overdoing it. Make sure that you listen to what your body is telling you and change the amount or type of your training.

You get sick easier than before

When you are regularly working out, your body consumes significant part of your energy to repair muscles. However, this usually means that your immune system does not have available 100 percent of all energy, which makes your body more vulnerable. If this is the case, make sure that you take some extra time between two workouts.

You don’t feel motivated to workout anymore

A lot of people that workout too much feel like they have lost all their motivation that got them started in the first place. Furthermore, you could feel like training is just another chore that you have to do. The solution for this is quite simple – you should take couple of days to rest and make sure that you sleep at least 8 hours every night.

You can’t get enough sleep

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep in the evening? Are you getting enough sleep? Problems with falling asleep or getting enough sleep can be connected to overtraining, especially if you are working out every day. The problem is that your body does not have enough time to heal and, at the same time, it is using all energy to repair muscles. Just like before, this situation can be easily avoided, if you would give more time for your body to heal.

You feel like your legs are too heavy

One common sign of overtraining can be the feeling of “heavy legs”. This is something that can be fairly easy to recognize – if you have, for example, walked a lot before you started working out every day, but you feel now that you can’t or that simple walk or jogging is making you feel exhausted, you should think about your current exercise regime.

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