5 tips to help you make packing much easier!

The summer is finally here and the season of vacations is on its highest. Everyone loves going on holidays (especially by the seaside), but at the same time the whole process of packing before going can be quite stressful for all of us. While some people can easily pack light, most of us are not actually able to put all our stuff into one medium suitcase and the worst thing of it all – we end up taking half of our wardrobe, without wearing even half of it!

The good news is that you can easily learn how to pack lighter and make your vacation much easier. Furthermore, having a lighter suitcase will make going through airport and later to hotel much faster! Here are some tips to help you pack light on your next trip:

  • It’s all about the essentials – while being prepared for every possible situation is sometimes a good thing, but packing two pairs or flip-flops just because the first pair could tear just doesn’t seem necessary. Learn to deal with these small issues when and if they happen.
  • When choosing clothes, instead of taking multiple t-shirts or pants that form 1 combination, try to mix-and-match different color combinations. By doing this, you will not only prepare in advance a few interesting combinations to wear, but you will also cut down a big amount of clothes that you should usually take. Furthermore – it is always a good idea to choose clothes that is easy to clean (if you get some stains) and clothes that are resistant to wrinkling.
  • Go easy on the toiletries – if there is something that can unbelievably add weight to your suitcase then it is the toiletries. The best idea here is to pack only what is absolutely necessary and to rely on simply buying whatever it happens that you need in the place where you stay. Nowadays, even small tourist places have markets selling the basic toiletries.
  • You should forget about high fashion – you will have to find the line between comfort and style, which can be difficult at times, especially if you are trying to pack light. Keep in mind that you are going on vacation, so bringing clothes that needs special care – even if you have worn it just once, might not be the ideal vacation you had in mind. Another thing – carefully choose what will you wear during the travel – comfort is very important!
  • Choosing the right shoes for your trip could mean a lot! A lot of people these days decide to go on active vacations, which usually involve a lot of walking and even some sports events! If you have chosen a vacation like this, it would be best if you choose the right shoes – it is important that your shoes are supportive, because dealing with sore feet is not something you want to do on vacation. Good idea is to take one pair of nice shoes and another pair of shoes that are good for hiking and walking.

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