5 tips to help you ease anxiety

Anxiety is something that we all feel from time to time, some more often while some less, but it is in times when it takes you over completely and you start feeling like you are losing the control, that the anxiety is most dangerous. Some people even say that there is a time when they can’t even leave their house, feeling anxious.

One thing you need to know about anxiety is that this is something that everyone experience and not just you, and while your first impulse would be to struggle with it, you should actually get to know how to control and not let it control you.

We have chosen a few tips that should help you control anxiety and learn how to properly deal it, but keep in mind that it is not going to be easy and it takes some time:

  • One way to get your anxiety under control is breathing – by simply paying attention to how are you breathing at the moment you will be able to know whether you are anxious and start with some breathing exercises that will help you calm down and you will instantly feel better! One breathing exercise is known to really help in these situations – it is called deep belly breathing. The idea is simple – you sit down in a relaxed position, start breathing in through your nose while counting up to 5. Hold that breath until you count up to five and then release it through your mouth during eight seconds.
  • Did you know that 80 percent of the whole world population is lacking in magnesium? But, what this has to do with anxiety – it is just another mineral? According to the latest studies, the two are connected in a way we couldn’t imagine. It seems that when we get stressed we quickly use up all the magnesium and the lack of magnesium keeps us feeling anxious even longer.
  • The connection between mental health and diet has been established long ago and now research has proven that eating junk food regularly not only affects your body, it also affects your mental health. Maybe the time to switch to healthy diet has finally come!
  • Be more positive – we usually think that we are quite positive persons, but in reality it is a little different. If you want to check whether you are more positive or negative person – write down all your negative thoughts in a journal. You will be amazed how much negative thoughts you have stored inside.
  • Fighting with anxiety will be much easier if you understand it better and because of that we recommend that you find the time to educate yourself on anxiety – what is it, how it manifests etc. Knowledge is power and it grows the more you invest into it. The more you know about anxiety, you will find it easier to control it and you will get your life back on track. Just be positive and keep in mind that it is your life – you should control it!

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