5 tips for a faster metabolism

Getting into shape involves many different things – from eating right to exercising. However, there is one thing that you should never forget – your metabolism. Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do, your metabolism simply seems slow and unfortunately this usually is the case. Now, if you have already started working on speeding up your metabolism, you probably already know that you should never skip breakfast or never to eat right before you go to sleep. But, if you feel that your metabolism simply is not fast enough, we have gathered some tips from real people that have high metabolism rate. Try their ways and see if that works for you:

Make sure that you eat proper amount of calories

First thing you need to know is that the metabolism is a chemical process and it has one primary function – it turns food that we eat into fuel for our body. The results of this process are obvious – we get the energy we need to function properly throughout the day. The number of calories that your body burns at rest is represented by the BMR (basal metabolic rate).

One of the key elements of weight loss is knowing what your BMR number is and consume enough calories for the result you want – if you eat the amount that BMR suggest you should maintain your current weight, if you eat loss you should lose weight and if you eat more calories you are going to gain weight.

Find out what is your exact calorie burn

There is no person that sits around all day, doing nothing. This means that you should try to find out how much calories do you really burn throughout the day. There are many different calculators on the Web that should get you a close figure or you could invest into a fitness tracker, which should give you even better insight into your calorie burn.

Workout regularly

One research in the United Kingdom has shown that people who do cardio exercises three to five times a week have a higher metabolic rate while resting. That means that even when you have stopped doing the exercise, your body has continued burning calories.

You should consider weight lifting

Did you know that one pound of muscle burns nine times more calories than a pound of fat? When it comes to weight lifting, more and more experts are recommending their patients to do exercises with weights in order to increase overall metabolic rate.

Don’t do yo-yo diets

One of the most recent researches in the United States has shown that people who have done yo-yo diets have much slower metabolic rate than those who have a constant, healthy diet. The problem with yo-yo diets is the fact that you lose muscles and fat in the beginning, but when you start to gain back – you gain mostly fat and as we have mentioned before – that fat burns a lot less calories than muscles, which increases your weight even more.

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