5 things that may be to blame for bloating

Belly bloating is something that we all experience from time to time – sometimes it is just excess air that is trapped in the digestive tract, but the problem is that it sometimes feels like you have swallowed a basketball. It does not matter how bloating feels to you, it surely is uncomfortable. Usually, bloating is not a sign of something more serious and it can go away in just a few hours (you can speed up the process by going for a walk or drinking more water), but still it can make your feel clumsy and lethargic. Some researches have proven that some of our habits are to blame and we have decided to make a short list of habits that make us bloat:

1. Eating too fast

We are currently living in a fast-paced world, that leaves us constantly believing that we don’t have enough time for everything and that is the main reason why when we sit down to eat – we eat our food in large bites and just swallow our food, without chewing enough. Eating food fast can cause bloating in two ways – your belly bloats because you’re swallowing gas-producing air and also because you are eating too fast – you swallow bigger chunks of food that sit in your stomach, waiting to be digested.

2. You eat sandwiches for lunch often

Sandwich might seem like a good idea for a fast lunch that does not have many calories, but if you eat too often, you might be consuming too much sodium. One research has shown that a typical sandwich can have up to 20 percent more of sodium than our bodies need for a whole day!

3. You consume your drinks through a straw

Believe it or not, but if you like to drink your coffee, smoothie or green juice through a straw – that same straw might be to blame for the bloating of your belly. The problem is that when you drink through a straw, you also suck in lots of sufficient air that is trapped in the straw and that makes you fleet bloated.

4. Your diet includes lots of packaged foods

For a second time on this list we mention sodium. Many different manufacturers of packaged foods use sodium as a preservative. Now, you are probably aware that most of the chips and crackers on the market are packed with sodium, however, you should also know that even those items that are labeled as “healthy”, can have large amounts of sodium.

5. There are lots of diet or low-calorie products in your diet

Aspartame and sucralose are artificial sugars that are added in lots of products that are currently on the market – from candy and gum to diet beverages. However, there is other side of drinking diet drinks or consuming low-calorie products – they come with these sugar substitutes that are known to induce bloat easily. The problem with artificial sugars is that they tend to hang around in your stomach for a long time, because your body is not able to digest them properly.

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