5 negative effects alcohol has on your body

Alcohol has become part of lives of humans thousands years ago and it seems that now more people than ever is drinking regularly. Now, while drinking alcohol from time to time does not have any negative effects on your body (there are numerous studies that have proven that drinking wine, beer or even whiskey a couple times a week in moderate amounts have lots of positive effects on our bodies), drinking alcohol in large amounts can have long-lasting negative effects on our bodies and our minds.

According to the latest reports, teenagers are drinking more and more and in larger amounts, which exposes them to even greater risk of becoming alcoholics or even suffering some irreparable brain damage. The problem with alcohol is that it is too alluring for teenagers and they are simply not aware of the possible consequences. Furthermore, most of the teenagers in United States believe that alcohol is the best way to blow off some steam in their stressful lives.

Furthermore, experts say that the allure of alcohol is not the only thing to blame – they claim that poor examples are the number one thing to push teens into alcoholism. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism has carried out a research in 2013 which came to the conclusion that around 70 percent of all adults that are 18 year of age have drank at least one in the last year, while the 56 percent stated that they had a drink in last 30 days. One study has shown that more than half of all teenage parents are not aware of the negative effects that drinking alcohol regularly can have on health of teenagers, which is alarming.

If you want to know more about negative effects of alcohol on our health, here are some surprising effects of drinking alcohol regularly:

  • It lowers our immune system

It has been proven that drinking alcohol regularly can lower the ability of our immune system to fight off colds and disease. Furthermore, alcohol can negatively affect your body long after you have been drinking.

  • It can cause brain damage

One recent study has come to the conclusion that drinking alcohol regularly not only damages our brain, but it also has bad effects on hippocampus, which results in poor memory and learning.

  • It can lead to high pressure

It is considered to be quite common that the alcohol causes hypertension or high blood pressure, which is associated with many different health problems.

  • It has a role in developing ulcers

It is known that alcohol can help in development of ulcers, especially when combined with tobacco, stress and over-use of the painkillers.

  • It can increase risk of getting cancer

Alcohol is often associated with liver cancer, but the experts say that liver cancer is not the only cancer that can develop due to excessive drinking – breast cancer, mouth cancer and bowel cancer are just some of the types of cancer that are known to be caused by excessive drinking.

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