5 life hacks for a healthier life

We are all living in a fast-paced world, where time is everything (some would say that is more important than money) and because of that we are constantly looking for different ways to do something beneficial for our health. Did you know that some people drink butter for breakfast? The reason is the results of a certain research that claims that drinking butter for breakfast can help you both lose fat and have more energy.

Now, you may not want to really drink butter for breakfast, but if you want to add some quick life hacks to have a healthier life, read the list below:

Having a right fitness tracker will help you be more active

It appears that, when it comes to fitness trackers, experts are quite divided – some say that they are amazing piece of technology and that we all should own at least one wearable fitness gadget, on the other hand, some experts are really against fitness trackers saying that they are not precise and they might trick you into think how you are active enough, while you are not.

However, latest researches have shown that people who wear fitness trackers are more conscious about how active they are and because they were “pushed” by software that comes with fitness trackers, they were active more.

You can get rid of your headache thanks to pressure points

Acupressure, the traditional Chinese medicine, is based on pressure points. It is believed that if you apply enough pressure to a certain pressure point you can ease pain and balance the body at the same time. In the past not many people believed in acupressure, but, now things are completely different – because there were many researches that have proven that acupressure really works.

You will feel happier if you chew slowly

A new practice is becoming popular – it is called Mindful Eating and it is focused on the experience of eating your food – savoring flavors, thinking about textures and how is that food making you feel. One research has shown that when we focus on what we are eating and thinking about that same food, made us much happier.

If you go to sleep early, you will be more productive tomorrow

We all believe that we are more productive in the evening, however, many studies have shown that this is actually not true. Experts say that we like to try to do more and more things in a day and that is why we stay late working – because we want to do more.

If you leave your phone when you go to bed, you will fall asleep easier

This is not actually a life hack, since it has been proven long time ago, but people still can’t leave their smartphones and tablets when they go to bed. Did you know that 81 percent of all smartphone users in the United States said that they keep their phone near them during waking hours? If you do this, you can try to leave your phone away for a week and try it for yourself!

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