5 habits that lead you to a healthier life

If we could stay motivated throughout the whole weight loss journey like we are in the beginning, when we are thinking how we are going to change our lives and look better in next few months – it would be great. Unfortunately, motivation after some time start slowly decreasing and in that moment it is probably the hardest to keep yourself motivated to stay on the path that leads toward a healthier life.

In case you want to start your own fitness journey, but you are not sure what you should do first, we have prepared some basic steps that you should take, which should change your life for the better:

Keep your own food journal

Every single person that have used food journals during their fitness journey are recommending the same to everyone else. Furthermore, they claim that this habit only can bring lots of positive changes into your life and they are confident that in just few weeks you should start seeing results. One of the most popular online food journals (and there are many out there) us My Fitness Pal (it is currently free for both Android and iPhone).

In order to get the most out of your food journal, make sure that you track everything and that you are doing it right – in terms of portions and serving sizes. The problem is that many people tend to keep their own food journals, but even after some while they do not see the results because they are not doing it properly. The good thing about keeping your own food journal is not only losing weight, but the fact that you are going to learn more about foods and portion sizes.

Prepare your meals in advance

Many surveys have shown that preparing food in advance can help you reduce stress, eat healthier and save money at the same time. The idea behind this is that when you prepare in advance you control which ingredients go into the meal, so you don’t eat anything that does not fit in your diet.

Find 30 minutes to exercise every day

When it comes to losing weight, having a good diet is just part of the job – the second is exercising. If you are not able to find the time to go to the gym, there are lots of different exercises that you can do right at home.

Drink more water every day

Did you know that sometimes when you feel hungry, you might be just thirsty? The good thing about drinking more water every day, along with keeping your body hydrated, is that it helps you prevent consuming snacks and mindless eating.

Get up early

This habit might not have anything directly related to weight loss process, but it should help you with the rest of the habits on this list. Getting more time in the morning can help you feel less stressed and get you more time for your ever day tasks. It should take around seven days to get used to getting up early.

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