5 habits fitness instructors hate

Every person working as a fitness instructor more than often says how their job is the best in the whole world – you help people lose weight, live a healthy life, relieve stress, learn the current trends and the latest researches about health and wellness – and at the same time they get to workout while doing it!

However, there are some habits of people in gyms that get on nerves of fitness instructors. Some of these habits are irritating, some are distracting and some are even dangerous. One survey has come to the top irritating habits that fitness instructors would like us to stop doing:

Constantly using their smartphone in the gym

Smartphones that ring, buzz, beep or even just light up during a gym session or a class in the gym will irritate everyone – not just your instructor. We all love to have our smartphones near us at all times (just in case), but it is really not necessary checking it every 5 minutes. The best thing you can do in this situation is to either leave your smartphone on the counter, in the locker room (if it is safe), in your car or even at home.

Talking non stop while working out

Every gym has at least one person that talks without stopping – from the moment they stepped in, until the moment they leave. While we all understand that you can’t wait to share everything with your best friend in the gym, you might consider leaving that for a coffee after the gym session. At times gym can really get loud, just because there are lots of people talking at the same time.

People who come late or finish early

Not all gym trainings are the same – classes like Zumba or Yoga involve a lot of people doing the same thing at the same time. However, there is one thing in these classes that simply annoys everyone included – people who came late to the beginning or those who decide to leave early for no apparent reason.

People who simply don’t get how some workouts should be done

Every good instructor should easily recognize when someone is not doing a workout properly and it should be no problem for a fitness instructor to correct that person and demonstrate how that workout should be done. However, this leads us to one of the most irritating things fitness students do – even though the instructor has showed them many times how one workout should be done – they still get it wrong. If this happens to you, remember to pay attention to what your fitness instructor is telling you and if you have any question about that exercise – feel free to ask.

People who invade personal space of others

People come in gyms to workout and relieve stress and most of them really like to avoid any conflict. However, one thing that can easily initiate a conflict is when someone invades personal space of another person. Be sure to respect private space and boundaries set by other people.

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