5 foods that you think are healthy

Sometimes it is very hard to distinguish which food is really healthy and good for our diet and which foods are not so good. The main problem was created by media and false marketing, which have both worked really hard to present to us certain foods as healthy and good for us, although they are not. Unfortunately, when you want to lose weight, you can be fooled more easily, just because of your will to lose weight as fast as possible and look better than you used to.

Because of that, we have created a small list of five foods that are presented to us as healthy even though they are not:


For a long time, juicing has been advertised as a simple way to load lots of vitamins and minerals in your body. However, in the juicing process the skin is removed from fruit. The skin is important because it has lots of healthy fibre. The ideal replacement is a fruit smoothie – it is easier to make and you don’t have a lot of waste.


Granola is often advertised as healthy, but the truth is that they pack lots of calories, sugar and fat, meaning that they are not so healthy after all. You can find lots of great recipes with oats and blueberries that could replace granola.

Granola bars

Granola bars are very popular – they have been often advertised as great substitutes for breakfast or as a great snack for afternoon when you need energy. Unfortunately, the truth is far from that – usually these granola bars are packed with sugar and they do not offer sustainable energy. Experts recommend to boil eggs instead and combine them with other healthy foods you have at home for a great breakfast.


Sushi is considered to be very healthy food and light on our stomach. The problem is the western version of this popular food – some of these “westernized” sushi meals are covered in sauces and filled with cream cheese. Prawn tempura in the United States can have more than 2092 kilojoules. If you like to eat sushi, but you would like it to fit in your diet – you could eat sashimi (fish without any sauce or rice) or nigiri (the same piece of fish with a little rice). If you can choose, pick tuna, salmon or mackerel – which all have healthy omega-3 fats and lots of protein.


All yogurts are considered to be healthy and great for digestion. While this is true, some brands have products that contain more sugar and calories than usual yogurt does. For example, Blueberry fruit yogurt has as many calories and sugar as a small can of Coca Cola. The popularity of the fruit yogurt escalated when this product became a healthy option for breakfast, at least in the commercials. If you need a healthy substitute for breakfast, you could try cottage cheese. ½ cup of cottage cheese has 13g of protein in that serving, which is a lot more than fruit yogurts can offer.

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