5 exercises you can do while cooking

At times when we are busy, exercise just doesn’t seem that important to squeeze it in our busy schedule and we usually end up skipping it, just because we had something that seemed more important to do. Of all the things in a day that we do – one thing we can not skip – meals. That is how experts have come up with an awesome way to do a short exercise while preparing meals – all exercises are simple and fairly easy, you don’t need any special equipment and can be done before you finish preparing lunch.

  • First exercise is the famous plank – one of the plyometric exercises (activates practically all muscles in your body). The idea is simple – you start off with this exercise for just 30 seconds (or more if you feel like it). It is ideal when you already have some leftovers and you want to heat them up – put the leftovers in the microwave, set the timer and start with plank! Feel free to add more time to your plank gradually!
  • Second exercise is the popular squat – a simple exercise for your rear. It is ideal to do this exercise when you need to use the stove. For example, let’s say that you are preparing delicious Italian meal – like lasagna and you have to check it from time to time, to be sure that it doesn’t get overcooked – every time you want to check it – you do a bodyweight squat. We recommend that in this case you check your meal more often!
  • Third exercise is quite simple – boxer shuffles. This exercise is ideal when you have to wait for something in the kitchen or when you are in between of cutting the veggies. You are going to have to take a few steps back and just shuffle your feet like the boxers do! The exercise is very simple, but at the same time very effective, since it can easily bring your heart rate up – classic cardio!
  • Fourth exercise is the one to strengthen you – push ups. Another simple exercise that is ideal for sculpting your arms – especially for triceps. If you are not used to doing traditional push ups, you can choose between two variations – first is the kneeling push up (like a standard push up, but instead of being on your toes, you do it on your knees, while bending legs upwards) or you could do a push up on your kitchen counter (you rest on your toes, while your hands are on the counter – not a traditional push up, but it can be very effective).
  • Fifth and last exercise is the lunge. As you can see, all the exercises are simple and you most probably know them from before. Lunge in the kitchen is ideal when you need to pick something up (which is more than often in my case) or when you need to clean the floor if you spilled something – which should now be something to look forward to!

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