5 Best Habits for Physically Fit and Healthy Body

Physical health and fitness dictates the real quality of life. Perfectly fit shaped, muscular and shredded body has become more or less like a need of zeitgeist of 21st century. Not only men but women are also showing a keen interested to develop each part of their body up to full. Most people have notion that healthy food and work-out are the key factors but there’s more to being healthy than choosing one type of food over the other and heating up the body 5 days a week in gym. In this entry we will help you to think about your fitness at the next level. You will explore 5 best habits which will hit the dead circuits of your body and brain to make them alive again. Regular practice of these habits will help your physique to shine like gold.


Meditation works directly on the master of the body i.e. brain. It includes continuous and profound contemplation of abstruse nature which helps to improve quality of sleep, immunity, blood pressure, cardio-vascular system. Chanting ‘om’ is one of the simplest kinds of meditations that one should practice at least 10-15 minutes daily. Meditation is the best exercise to get relief from stress, emotional stability and other brain problems which severely affect our body too.

Drinking Lot of Water

Water has great role in cleansing the body. Toxins which are produced in our body are flushed out by our excretory system. Drinking at least 2 liter of water daily helps to smoothen internal body functioning. One should start the day with a glass of warm lemon water. It is helpful in constipation, alleviating pain, shredding excess weight and blood circulation. Since harmful toxins are responsible for aging so consumption of enough amount of water helps to prevent premature aging.

Eyes and Skin Protection

The harmful part of sunlight i.e. UV rays causes some severe problems of contracts, sunburn and even skin cancer. Delicate organs like eyes need special protection. It is recommended to use sunglasses with 99-100% UV absorption. If you’re living in a hot country, it becomes vital to wear proper skin protection and to use sunscreen lotions etc.

Choose Vegetarian Food

Vegetarian food has its own importance over meat and flesh. Non-vegetarian food slows down the working of brain and reduces the efficiency of human body. Bad sleeping habits, laziness, reduced physical flexibility and negative thinking are some gifts of non-vegetarian food.

Diet-experts say that if you don’t have anything green in your meal, you’re cheating yourself. Leafy and vegetarian food keeps your weight in control. Vegetarian supplements like Spirulina are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, zinc, iron, and beta-carotene.


After every workout it is very necessary to provide rest to the muscles. There occur tearing of muscle fibers after every exercise. To repair and rebuild the muscle, body system requires time. Otherwise there will not be any use of the training. In fact over workout without rest leads to muscle pull. Apart from 8 hours of regular sleep, power nap in the after-noon and massage, sauna bath etc. is required at regular intervals.

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