4 myths about vegetarian diet

When it comes to vegetarianism – it seems that it is always surrounded with myths. On one side you have vegetarians who claim one things, while on the other side we have non-vegetarians who claim completely opposite things. But, who is right? How healthy vegetarianism really is?

The answer to that question is debatable – since both sides claim different things. The truth is that there are people who benefit from vegetarian diet, while there are people who should not even try this kind of diet. The myth “vegetarianism is unhealthy” is not the only one. We have listed below four most common vegetarian myths and provided explanations about them:

Vegetarian diet does not provide enough protein

This myth exists because a lot of people think that only animal meat has protein, but did you know that protein can be found in many different plants? Vegetables, beans and whole grains are just a few examples. Furthermore, quinoa, tempeh, almonds, pinto beans and brown rice are champions when it comes to protein. Whole another problem is that both vegetarian and regular diet have more protein than we actually need, so adding even more to our every day diet is usually not necessary. However, as you can see there are lots of protein in plant-based foods that eating meat just for protein is almost unnecessary.

Plant protein is a lot less healthy than animal protein

First thing you need to know is that, it does not matter whether is it coming from animal meat or plants – protein is protein. For a long while the proteins in plants where considered not to be complete and that they have to be paired with certain foods in order to be complete. However, this theory was proven to be wrong by many different researches. On the other hand, vegetarians claim that when you eat meat for protein, you consume more saturated fat than you need.

Vegetarian diet is basically a diet with low calories

At this moment there are thousands of people following a vegetarian diet, just to reduce the calorie intake or lose weight. While the vegetarian diet is not necessarily a low-calorie diet, experts say that people often get confused because of the word “diet” and they immediately think that becoming a vegetarian can help them lose weight. Furthermore, it is considered that vegetarians consume lots of water-rich fruits that don’t have lots of calories and lots of fresh produce and that is the main part of the diet. However, you should keep in mind that eating whatever food in excess can lead to weight gain.

People become vegetarians because they are animal-rights activists

One of the most common myths about vegetarians. Truth is that small part of all vegetarians have stopped eating meat because they don’t like the way the animals are treated, on the other hand, a large part of vegetarians have removed meat from their diet because they don’t like the taste of meat or they simply don’t trust meat industry.

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