10 things you should avoid before going to bed

Sleep is very important for our healthy and energy. Unfortunately, there are lots of distractions and our own habits that sabotage our sleep. Furthermore, experts agree that everything that we do throughout the day will reflect on our sleep in the night – what we do, what we eat and how active we were.

While there are some things that are out of our control (stress at work, problems with friends and family), there are certain habits and things we like to do before we go to bed, that affect our sleep or the lack of it.

We have selected 10 of the most common things we do that are to blame for the lack of good sleep:

Dinner – dinner is very important meal and you should never skip it, but, having a large meal just few hours before you go to bed can really affect your sleep, and not in a good manner.

Medication – if you have difficulties with sleeping and you are on some medication, it would be a good idea to visit your doctor and discuss about problems that you are having.

Alcohol – most of the people believe that alcohol helps them have better sleep, which is not entirely true – alcohol can help a person go to sleep easier, but it will reduce the ability of the body to go to deep sleep, which is the most important part of the sleep for our bodies.

Cigarettes – most of the people who are active smokers believe that smoking helps them relax, but, the truth is that, when it comes to sleep, cigarettes are not helpful at all.

Coffee – Did you know that caffeine can stay in your body even 12 hours after you have had your last coffee? This basically means that coffee that you drink after lunch can affect your sleep. Some researches have shown that decaf coffee can have up to 20 milligrams of caffeine per cup.

Tea – tea is another source of caffeine, like coffee. While herbal tea does not have a lot of caffeine, drinks like white, black and green have a lot.

Chocolate – you maybe didn’t know that chocolate is also another source of caffeine. However, not all chocolates have the same amount – dark chocolate has a large amount of caffeine, so it would be best to avoid eating it in the evening.

Smartphone or tablet – the blue light of the displays of electronic devices decreases the production of melatonin, which helps our body become sleepy and know when is the time to rest.

Texting – similar to the use of smartphone or tablet. If you text your friend in the evening, even when you are in bed, you may want to stay awake, just in case that person decides to text back and that is how you stay late.

Emails – most of us have the habit to check constantly our emails. Experts believe that it would be best to avoid checking your email at least an hour before you go to bed (except if you are waiting for that super-important email).

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