10 running tips from seasoned runners

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise, along with walking. Every runner has its own favorite route and those more experienced know exactly at what pace they run or what to wear if the weather could change. In one survey, thousands of runners were asked what are their advices for beginners and we have listed below ten tips that were most common among experienced runners.

Be positive

Most of the people who are just starting with dieting and exercise tend to be depressed and sad, which can affect their ability and will to exercise. This is why most of the runners said that being positive is very important and it makes your run much easier.

Be consistent

If you want to become a serious runner, you must run every day. However, you shouldn’t run as much as you can, instead, you can plan your runs. The good thing about running every day is that it improves the ability of your body to burn fat, so you will lose weight faster.

Be comfortable

It is important what you wear for your runs – we are not suggesting that you should invest thousands of dollars in running gear, but good running shoes and a sports bra will make your run much easier and comfortable.

Be motivated

Motivation is very important part of your fitness journey. While everyone of us have its own way of motivating ourselves, there are some universal ways that you could try – for example, if you have just started running, track your runs and as the time goes by, you will be able to see your progress, which is great for your motivation.

Be social

While most of the runners like to run alone, at their own pace and in their own time, some people love to run in pairs or groups. If you don’t have a friend or a family member that would like to join you, you can always look up local running groups on the web.

Don’t compare yourself to other runners

There will always be someone who runs longer or faster than you, just remember how fast Bolt is able to run. So, don’t compare yourself to others, instead, monitor your progress and compare yourself in the present with yourself in the past.

Drink coffee before your run

This is a trick that seasoned runners use – they drink cup of coffee before run, because it makes their run much easier and it helps burn calories.

If it’s cold, wear less layers

If you are going to a run and it is cold outside, dress like it is 10-15 degrees warmer. It will be cold when you go out, but as soon as you start running you will see that it would be a mistake if you added more layers.

Consult with other runners

There are lots of ways to connect with other runners (social networks, for example). You could consult with others, ask them for advice, what works for them or what are their favorite routes.


Most of the runners said that they were afraid to take part in a race, but when they did, they said that it has changed their life. The feeling of crossing the finish line was amazing!

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